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99.9% Uptime On All Of Our Servers

Our servers are equipped with 250 Mbit connections with TIER4 standarts. Fiber connections are used. With this we guarantee %99.9 network uptime. With the strong technology employed Xen Virtualization environment guarantees %99.9 server uptime. Over all you will have access to your server %99.9 of the times and you don’t have to worry about side effects of downtime.

Secure Servers

Our datacenter is located on an isolated building with 24 hours camera recording on it. With 300.000 BTU cooling capacity and 4 spare air conditioners it is held at the required temperature. All server rooms has steal door for fire. There is fire detection and extinguisher. Flood detection and prevention system.

Great Support

We do stand behind our services. You focus on your business comfortably while we are providing timely and complete technical support for our products. We are reachable by email, phone or by tickets. Once you submit your problem then we take over the job for you. Our highly technical personel will be glad to provide solutions. Create Ticket

Linux Cloud VPS

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15 GB Sas Disk (Raid5)
256 MB DDR3-1333 Ram
500 GB/Month Bandwidth
1 x Intel Xeon E5620 CPU
DirectAdmin Control Panel
2 Ip Adresses

Windows Cloud VPS

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15 GB Sas Disk (Raid5)
1024 MB DDR3-1333 Ram
500 GB/Month Bandwidth
1 x Intel Xeon E5620 CPU
SolusVM Control Panel
2 Ip Addresses

Email Cloud VPS

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15 GB Sas Disk (Raid5)
1024MB DDR3-1333 Ram
Limitless Bandwidth
1 x Intel Xeon E5620 CPU
One Email Address
1 IP Address

Cloud VPS

Our VPSes are situated in Ankara, Turkey. The cloud system is based on Xen Virtualization Technology. With 8 years of experience on VPS/VDS business we are offering incremental VPS/VDS packs and you can choose one suiting your needs among the several choices. Just use the links above to configure you Cloud VPS. You could test our connection speed by pinging Or you can download dummy file located here.


  • You are guaranteed %99.9 network and system uptime on our servers
  • You can choose from 64 bit operating systems both for Linux and Windows
  • Connect to your VPS with web based console & VNC access
  • Use our SolusVM control panel for management of your VPS

Timely Support

With our highly technical staff members your problem is ours. We regard technical support as the most important part of our business. Tickets are responded in an hour and phone calls are answered. When it comes to self help, with SolusVM Control Panel you can easily control your VPS. You could shut down, start, reboot, connect to console from within the panel. With its integration to WHMCS things are easier now!